Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Todora Resident was before Katwoman Yootz and Hope Shim she was banned for copybot and she is now back as TODORA RESIDENT, she is a he and is a Hacker, he gived to me many proofs of what he can do bewind his computer, he use the Voice Exploit created by Neil to grab your IP in private conversations, in 2 or 3 seconds he can grab your IP adress and location, he also continues copyboting stuff and one of this days he proof me more one time his hacker skills, he hacked the GM meter with Smiggles DeCuir as we all allready know and he continue using that tricks, today he hacked me on my avatar, i was on the arena and i was in AFK and she bind me and stolen me 2 coins wile i was AFK, well every one knows that is not possible in legal ways and a normal user cant do it but he did it, this was today, on last night she did other thing, let me post the entire log :
[2012-05-14 14:36:18]  todora Resident: where is she?
[2012-05-14 14:36:38]  You: she is
[2012-05-14 14:36:43]  You: let me see the lm
[2012-05-14 14:36:53]  You: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Isle%20of%20Chaos/235/164/27
[2012-05-14 14:36:56]  You: here
[2012-05-14 14:38:43]  todora Resident: she doesnt cheat
[2012-05-14 14:38:53]  You: so what can happens?
[2012-05-14 14:39:03]  You: is a lot hits
[2012-05-14 14:39:08]  You: and meter stillk green
[2012-05-14 14:39:12]  You: is very weird
[2012-05-14 14:39:16]  todora Resident: she is wearing only ao andprimus hud
[2012-05-14 14:39:24]  You: how you know?
[2012-05-14 14:39:31]  todora Resident: i can see
[2012-05-14 14:39:35]  You: how?
[2012-05-14 14:40:06]  todora Resident: its no more a secret
[2012-05-14 14:40:27]  You: and how can you see that ?
[2012-05-14 14:41:43]  You: its a viewer?
[2012-05-14 14:43:14]  todora Resident: http://gyazo.com/ec7825593629f5a1beff267763e7509d

[2012-05-14 14:43:55]  todora Resident: its you
[2012-05-14 14:44:15]  You: lol
[2012-05-14 14:44:43]  You: yes its all huds im using
[2012-05-14 14:44:51]  You: how you can see that ?
[2012-05-14 14:45:01]  todora Resident: with my viewer singularity
[2012-05-14 14:45:11]  You: ahahah dont make me laugh
[2012-05-14 14:45:30]  todora Resident: I wont
[2012-05-14 14:45:59]  You: that is not singularity
[2012-05-14 14:46:09]  todora Resident: hon
[2012-05-14 14:46:20]  todora Resident: i dont have to prove you
[2012-05-14 14:46:29]  todora Resident: feel free to trust me or not
[2012-05-14 14:46:46]  You: but i know that is not singularity i have singularity and i can not see the huds of some one like you did
[2012-05-14 14:46:53]  todora Resident: its what you think
[2012-05-14 14:46:57]  todora Resident: I dont mind
[2012-05-14 14:47:08]  You: singularity dont have that functiouns
[2012-05-14 14:47:15]  todora Resident: what function
[2012-05-14 14:47:27]  You: to you can see the huds from others
[2012-05-14 14:47:38]  todora Resident: its not part of a viewer
[2012-05-14 14:47:45]  You: oh yes it is
[2012-05-14 14:47:57]  You: i guess i also can tell what you using
[2012-05-14 14:48:02]  You: but im not sure
[2012-05-14 14:48:24]  todora Resident: you know go and get your fun
[2012-05-14 14:48:32]  You: lol
[2012-05-14 14:48:42]  todora Resident: and remove some of yor usless huds
[2012-05-14 14:48:50]  todora Resident: what is the object hud?
[2012-05-14 14:49:01]  You: ahh is just a spanker
[2012-05-14 14:50:50] Connecting ...
[2012-05-14 :50:53] Connected, click End Call Waiting to leave

[2012-05-14 14:51:19]  todora Resident: you in *********               (this to my anonimate)
[2012-05-14 14:51:23]  Call Ended
[2012-05-14 14:51:29]  You: fuck
[2012-05-14 14:51:37]  You: you gething my IP?
[2012-05-14 14:51:41]  You: ahh come on
[2012-05-14 14:51:45]  You: that is not nice
[2012-05-14 14:52:00]  You: and i tell you more i know you using copybot shit
[2012-05-14 14:52:02]  todora Resident: city ******?
[2012-05-14 14:52:17]  todora Resident: ip  ***.***.***.**
[2012-05-14 14:52:20]  You: sorry go mute you
[2012-05-14 14:52:25]  You: you dont have that right
[2012-05-14 14:52:26]  todora Resident: wait
[2012-05-14 14:52:31]  todora Resident: i am gettingyour address now
[2012-05-14 14:54:15]  You: i go report you
[2012-05-14 14:54:29]  todora Resident: lol i know who is your alt
[2012-05-14 14:54:34]  You: you dont
[2012-05-14 14:54:40]  todora Resident: omg
[2012-05-14 14:54:44]  todora Resident: you back
[2012-05-14 14:54:45]  You: i dont have alts
[2012-05-14 14:54:49]  todora Resident: y9o have
[2012-05-14 14:55:00]  todora Resident: i will spread
[2012-05-14 14:55:17]  You: and i will report you for hacking me
[2012-05-14 14:55:27]  todora Resident: hacking is a weird word
[2012-05-14 14:58:37]  You: you are katwoman Yootz
[2012-05-14 14:58:42]  todora Resident: ?
[2012-05-14 14:58:43]  You: damn you was banned
[2012-05-14 14:58:56]  You: you will be again soon lindens see this IM
[2012-05-14 14:59:06]  todora Resident: you know what
[2012-05-14 14:59:10]  todora Resident: fuck you *******

wow this is what i call good skills hack in one or two seconds she detect all this?
what more he can do if the call was more long ?
I wonder why Linden Labs still allows this copyboters and griffers to log on second life, second life should be a secure place for every one.
Wait this was in 2012 wait untill you see more, i will post about them all what is on web.

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    Try search for her on second life search and you will see her account was deleted