Sunday, April 8, 2012



  1. the IM of the slut who reseted the meter :
    [22:24:57] You: you go be banne
    [22:25:13] twig (inticement): you shot me first when roleplay banning me
    [22:25:27] twig (inticement): fair is fair nothing i do ot oyu counts if nothing you do counts
    [22:26:39] You: what role play you morom you reseted a meter
    [22:27:06] twig (inticement): of course you got me o roleplay ban so nothing happened
    [22:32:01] You: you will be banned
    [22:32:17] twig (inticement): i alroeadtyy todl the mod si
    [22:32:30] twig (inticement): you not think we figure out waht you doing
    [22:32:35] twig (inticement): lcearing sim of roleplay
    [22:32:47] twig (inticement): shooting anyone leaving docks and not roleplaying
    [22:32:49] twig (inticement): jsut sailing
    [22:48:42] twig (inticement): and now you removed oyur mutted

    First she should return to the school to learn how to write, Iam not inglish and i can write better then this babe, in second i never seen any rule who dont allow us to shoot if we have them in our profile as role play ban, this fucking noobie dont know what is Gor Iam sure, and if she dont want i shoot her cause she is rp ban with me so she should not shoot at me too, she atacked me as i was role play to bound one bich and i awser her with my arrows, well i end to capture her and left her down and run to finish the role play to bound my other capture, the bich reseted the meter and come charge on me when i was with my bow at my backs and typing to role play the bound, I called a Moderator and the slut take part from the bitch who reseted the meter and complains about me cause i shoot without rp first, this shit makes me laught, i was role play to bound the one on the ground and the other slut comes from the dock to atack me and I have to type any thing to role play as she shoot me her arrows ? This is insane, then after some talk with the MOD and i seen the Mod was giving reason to the bitch who reseted the metr and atacked me again i told she was Moderate like a Disney Moderator and the slut banned me from Zemira Outlaws sim and from more 3 sims for what she say, now guys look if this is not insane, I just have one thing to say "FUCK YOU MANTHER, Erica Thorne YOU ARE JUST A FUCKING DAMN MANTHER"

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