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About Katwoman Yootz, Hope Shim, Bongo Abott who actualy are TODORA RESIDENT

 About Katwoman Yootz, Hope Shim, Bongo Abott who actualy are TODORA RESIDENT

Nov 25th, 2010
Well I feel that Second Life was one of the best inventions ever made, and I do not really bash philip.
The problem with SL isn’t Linden Lab, its the community, and the residents of Second Life, who just don’t give a FK.
Yes LL made some major mistakes, but the community in SL just doesn’t care, allows content theft distribution in their groups, or on their regions, and does not do anything about it, LL allows people to use BanLink systems which should not be allowed in SL, then of course there are going to be a lot of major problems with the Content Theft, Spyware, and SL is going to get a really bad name.
LL should basically just make new rules that say Residents are only allowed to use Ban tools with Basic network functions, or what Linden Lab offers. At no time can people use or store residents info, or key in a network ban system, and make more improvements against the theft, and problem solved for the most part.
And no I am not angry at Philip for the mistakes he did not make I am angry at the certain communities I have been part of in Second Life that have permit Content Theft from our creators, and the Emerald Developer hax0rs for their DataMining and such even though Skills, and Zfire continue to do so without making it legit by LAW, and LL permits it.
So far I have been part of two groups in Second Life that have permit Copybotting distribution and copybotters in their group
Smiggles Decuirs groups, and any Members of hers cross grouping, or friends even with her is a big risk because she permits her sisters to use Copybot and did nothing about any of it when over a dozen photos of proof were given to her in her face. This person pretty much has connections all over GOR, or did. Also This group was related to over 10 different RP groups which had Copybotters, and illegal alts in their group which distributed stolen cotent in it, and Copybotted it. They all try to cover their tracks by making legit Purchases at certain stores, and then Copying it and giving to friends usually with no transfer and spoofing creator etc. Usually skins, and clothing. These groups also had connections to what occured in Thieves Mother Load. Also if you see Hope Shim, or KatWoman Yootz they are both from italy and deep into this bullcrap, which is a person who gave me over 20 stolen Animations from Vista Barnes, and a Lot of redgrave skins, and still plays sl today.
Crimson Urge the BloodLines clan has a guy named DarkMatter Steamer there, and he has allowed our members to invite over a dozen members 1-60 days old all newbs, or possibly copybotting alternate accounts. I was given a box of over 100 copybotted hairs so it seems from Truth Hawks, RQ, HXC, Armidi, and many other creators in Second Life. DarkMatter Steamer refuses to do anything about the copybot, and I personally showed him the illegal HM Modeler our group was using to possibly COpybot, and spoof stuff on some of my own objects, and told him how the distribution cycle was going and how to prevent it. He refused to do anything about it, and still today Crimson Urge Located in the Region of Arcadia Twilight is allowing stolen content to be given around to everyone, and all the newbs this usually occurs by hand. The Queen is named Giselle Blackheart, and has been busy in Real Life, she says changes will come, but I am not sure if she is going to do anything about DarkMatter Steamer, who banned me, made threats to me, and accusations without any proof really after refusing to do anything about the content theft distribution in our group. Personally He is only a 358 day or so old account, and he is a n00b to Second Life, and should have never been granted this much power over a group in SL, but he was, and he is a bad dictator. I can say that if it were my position, and I was informed about Stolen Content, I would be doing the best I could to prevent such to help all our creators in SL. There is never any way to be 100% and stop content theft ever, but having a community that has strict policies about wearing stolen content, and distribution helps keep SL clean, and make a good family/group. I will say that when the clan was named Twilight Knights we never had any problems but once DarkMatter got control of the Royal Council Mind screwed his friends and all that, we had major issues when it became Crimson Urge, and he was left alone in charge of everything.
Most SL Militaries I have seen have really strict rules against content theft, or distribution, and that is what I would like to see in other families,groups, and simulators in Second Life. By doing this we would help protect our creators a hell of a lot more, but again its the lack of Leadership, and owner decisions that cause problems for groups.
These are just some examples, and encounters I have had with stolen content distribution in Second Life. I just hope that when the Teen Grid merges here we can get more people against content theft, and I will gladly support anything agaisnt it. The only thing I will not support is any type of illegal spyware, or datamine system storing any of my data without my consent, including my avatar key, or name.
Making a Strong Legit SL Community that Strictly Follows the LAW & SL TOS is the best way to go against content theft I feel.

 The next text was copyed from : 
  1. Just sharing a list of Copybot accounts with everyone I know from Second Life, I would honestly get rid of these people off your Lands, and from  your stores in Second Life. They have Accounts Across Multiple Blogs on the internet where at times they will buy Legit clothing from your stores, and then upload it, for free download on sites like Pirate Bay, and many others I know of. Here is also a list of people who contribute to the content theft, and provide land for such in Second Life, and do nothing about it.
  3. Smiggles Decuir
  4. Juggalette Bates
  5. Synphony Vayandar
  6. DaSein Noyes
  7. DarkMatter Steamer
  8. Giselle BlackHeart
  9. Randy Whitefalcon
  10. Vagyna Soup
  11. Juggalette Bates
  12. Sinful Babii
  13. Yonkushime Tigerfish
  14. Juggalette Jinx
  15. Kandy Orfan
  16. Dirty Dikes
  17. Sassy Waffle
  18. Hope Shim
  19. KatWoman Yootz
  20. Zammy Ziskey & Her Friends ** She also owns a sim, and has been here since 2006 but I dont care I have got copybotters & their friends banned from sl, and they were here since 2005.**
  22. Here is a list of the groups that support, and have/had Copybotting in Second Life some of these no longer exist.
  23. New Jack City
  24. Sisters OF Hura
  25. Allies OF Lush
  26. Sa'Con'Tri'Shena
  27. Smiggles Decuirs Groups)
  28. Tasta Trovis Talunas
  29. House of Darkk Blood Horde
  30. Urban Chaos, has tons of stolen items given out in their sim on a daily basis between members by hand.
  32. Sims that Support/Have Copybotting Owners in them. Some of these no longer exist (;
  33. New Jack City
  34. Talbot Isle
  35. Arcadia Twilight
  36. The Burbs
  37. The Burbs 2
  38. Evil (Owned by NOR Management) But one of the Estate Managers helps cover up Lacedaemeon Core's Copybot activities in SL.
  39. Easy Lovin (Rented to DarkMatter Steamer)
  41. **Also RP Sims like GOR mostly, which is now occuring in BloodLines & NOR seem to have a lot of Copybotting of Avatars and postign them on the internet for Download.**
  43. The sad thing is that some of these people have been in Second Life since 2007, even some since 2005/2006, and to support, and have Copybotters as part of your group, Rude, and Ignorant people you are the reason NOR has fallen when NOR was once 32 regions of RP. People Like Symphony, and her hanging out and supporting the Copybot with Juggalette's Copybot Accounts, and Alternate Accounts, which stole from over 15 Different Content Developers. Also the sad thing is that just because a person is an Estate Manager, or a Sim Owner, has payment info, or is age Verified, or buys stuff does not mean they are not a Copybot, or a supporter of the Copybot, because that is how Copybotters share content now like going to a DVD Store buying a movie ripping it and giving it away for free. You buy one legit Copy give away the others free, and half the time people don't see this. Also I did not use the CDS, or Redzone systems to find out any of this Info, I have knowledge of the Copybot Myself, and what is going on around the grid, I just choose not to abuse it like so many have, and try to have fun in Second Life, However these people listed above are people who have tried to ruin the fun, and take food off our content creators tables. I am simply one of the reporters of theft that makes this info all public knowledge to Anti Cheat groups, and creators around the internet.
  45. Take Care Everyone, and Knowledge is Free, Use it as you wish.
  47. "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." ---Albert Einstein

    Woodbury U. Banned From Second Life, Again

    April 21, 2010, 8:57 pm
    Woodbury University’s virtual campus in Second Life was torn down yesterday by Linden Lab, the company that operates the virtual world, and the accounts of several students and professors were blocked. The tale involves virtual superheroes, accusations of vandalism, and conflicting ideas of what a campus should look like in a virtual world.
    “Linden Lab has decided to no longer support Woodbury University in Second Life,” said an e-mail notice sent to Edward Clift, dean of the university’s School of Media, Culture & Design. “We are making this decision based on historical and recent events that constitute a breach of the Second Life community standards and terms of service. We ask that you please respect the decision and do not take part in the Second Life platform in the future.” No further details were provided.
    This is the second time that Linden Lab has removed Woodbury’s virtual campus. About three years ago, the company wiped out the university’s presence, saying that the university had violated the unspecified parts of the terms-of-service agreement. The university decided to rebuild through a reseller of Second Life land, though by doing so it no longer received Linden Lab’s education discount. Woodbury says it was paying about $1,000 a month for the virtual land.
    Yesterday Mr. Clift found his account on Second Life banned, meaning that his virtual alter ego, MC Fizgig, was no more.
    Linden Lab officials refused to comment on the matter when contacted by The Chronicle. But the reason appears to have involved a longstanding dispute between avatars affiliated with the university and a group of online vigilantes called Justice League Unlimited, a reference to comic-book supeheroes.
    Here’s what happened, according to an account posted online by Peter Ludlow, a philosophy professor at Northwestern University:
    For years Second Life has been occasionally struck by online vandals, known as griefers, who stage disturbances in the virtual spaces, such as placing giant swastikas in public areas. In response, some users decided to seek justice and help get griefers kicked off of Second Life. Their group, Justice League Unlimited, is led by an avatar named Kalel Venkman, who is designed to look like Superman.
    Woodbury has long encouraged anyone to use its Second Life campus to try experimental activities. At some point, one or more griefers became affiliated with the university in Second Life. The Justice League, concluding that Woodbury was responsible for the misbehavior, lobbied Linden Lab to block the virtual campus.
    In an interview today with The Chronicle, Mr. Clift said the university had never encouraged or condoned vandalism. Its virtual campus included educational spaces designed mostly by students, including a mock representation of the former Soviet Union and a replica of the Berlin Wall. “It was a living, breathing campus in Second Life,” he said.
    The professor said he felt that the virtual campus did not conform to what Linden Lab wanted a campus to be—with buildings and virtual lecture halls. And, he said, company officials objected to letting any users become affiliated with the virtual campus, whether or not they were enrolled at Woodbury. Mr. Clift said he felt that allowing a diverse group of participants and setting up an open facility was the best fit for the university’s mission.
    “Woodbury is sick of this,” he said, referring to the ban. “Our brand is being maligned, and our 125-year mission is being trampled on.”
    Jordan Bellino, a senior at Woodbury who had been an organizer of the virtual campus, said the incident suggests the dangers of online meeting spaces’ being run by companies, which get to decide who participates and who doesn’t. “It took years and thousands of dollars to make that [virtual campus] happen,” he said, “and it all vanished in a matter of an hour because Linden Lab pushed a button.”
    Meanwhile, many people in Second Life expressed on blogs that they were glad to see the virtual campus go, arguing that it had been a haven for troublemakers in the virtual world.

    jaden - April 22, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    So before everyone goes and accuses Woodbury of everything take a look at the facts. All gruops have copybotters, or Griefers, or people who use rogue viewers. Unless someone contacts the woodbury staff, and says. (Name Here) is using a rogue Viewer, and submits valid evidence to them of them commiting content theft, or Griefing, Then there is no reason why they should kick them with lack of evidence. Even Some of the SecondLife mentors were involved in copybotting conspiracies, I knew some of them myself, And what about all the Big Roleplay groups, or any group that people are part of who go to a sandbox and on purposely Grief OR Crash the estate. That isn’t my responsibility just because they are part of my group and do it. If I knew they were going to, I would Kick them, and so would woodbury, Fact is woodbury is very popular people abuse it.Woodbury will be back… Hint Kids…Hackers use skype, and voice chat to talk leaving no proof for Linden Lab, I know because I know many coders, nerds, and sl haxors who use rogue viewers myself. We talk all the time outside of SL.A List of some of the Biggest Copybot hunts and groups on the grid, with some of what happend.Look at these groups specifically and people…Sisters OF Hura/SaConTriShena.Smiggles Decuir, Wearing Skin that has been re uploaded not legally, and modified by their boyfriend by a person using a rogue viewer.Lacy Janus, and Ian Cisse which passed away Real Life, They Copybotted content together, and used it from RH Engel, and denied it kicking their own sister from the tribe when they brought the issue to their attention, and sim owner Zammy Zisky, and Meistroli Easterwood would not do anything about it. Johanna Lagerlof Meistroli Easterwoods GF made issues about one of my friends very well known person, Also very hated, and The owner believe it, and Smiggles decuir which was proven to have allowed her sisters to copybot content, and deny it trying to get rid of a person who did the right thing.AliAkami is the Sim owner of Jungles of Schendi, she premits thefts, and copybot activities, Linden Lab wont ban them because of little evidence, even though I have tons of proof of her, her name on stolen Truth Hawk Hairs, Videos, and snapshots of the stolen content, but No one cares about content theft, they just care about Lets have fun.Sheena797 Navarita, Allowing her group with Hope Shim, and All her hundreds of alternate accounts to commit thefts using advanced copybotiting technology. They were located in Ingot Estate, At first they were in Auction 3, we currently do not know fully where they are as of now, but their groups and members copybot all the time and give to sisters.Sang Suri Panthers/Talunas, The Owners here are pretty much partnered up with Smiggles decuir and allow content theft too.New Jack City, Antonio Ansome, and Alonzo Streeter, Both helping People copybot, and not doing anything about the rogue viewers which people clone skins and clothing on their estates and use their sims for this. Again Proof of this was taken to all parties involved and they did nothing to help the cause. The only person who tried to help was Rendy Miles, But he retired because they would not listen, DIC Jacobus is the sim owner.Urban Chaos, They have copybotted content handed out here daily to people, Although I spoke to omega stattic, and he seems to have taken action against the thefts and they are trying their best in a very high traffic location, But even then they cannot stop it 100%.Every one of these instances of Copybotting and theft was carefully examined, Owners Contacted, and we took it to our own public message boards when the Owners of these groups refused to take responsibility for their memebers actions. Linden Lab should have banned all of their accounts for allowing and helping this knowingly but they didn’t.Hope Shim/Katwoman Yootz/Bongo Abott, (same person) copybotted full sets of AO’s from Vista Barnes in SecondLife, and we gave him the AO’s which he contacted her when he was asked not to instead of just filing a DMCA report and blew our cover, which then we took all the info public ect.So Yeah all these instances of Content Theft. They have been carefully reviewed by us, Proof of it all documented, and Every groups involvement including Dijan panthers a very popular gorean group in SecondLife, Although they now claim to be helping to prevent it, we Know that there are still botters mixed within their groups, Question is if there are any more incidents, if they will listen in the future.Our Conclusion on all of these incidents was that a lot of botting happend in the Gorean Roleplay, or Roleplay estates, due to the nature of the content, and creators. We were right, when we all joined 4 anti copybot networks the last year for about 3 months, We recieved over 6 copybot reports a day or more from creators and other people. All which had been presented with evidence of everyones involvement, and the helping of it ect.Still not convinced… Look at all the roleplayers, Pull up their skin asset ID’s, and compare like I do from a legal verson to an illegal verson. You would be suprized how many newbie gorean roleplayers Wear Stolen Skins, or have stolen and made illegal mods without concent to give to their sisters, ect. I do this all the time, and I am very damn careful before making an accusation against someone or a group of people, because I know that if I am so much as wrong, I could hurt the person badly, which is why I check multiple times before saying a word.So Yeah here you got it…

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