Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Copy Botters

Smiggles DeCuir the head of lots of stolen content

Smiggles decuir and all her buddies are still trying to hide behind alliance groups, and known copybot networks along with her friend Bosk Manimbo, aka MadDog.

The Danggers are being with Smiggles Decuir, even remotely connected to her are very dangerous, if you are spot on their land Marakile, or Auburndale Sims, then you will be automatically flagged as a CopyBot, or known Copybot supporter/
Thief in SL, because Smiggles Decuir, and all her alliance buddies assoiciate with Copybots many times in the past, then ban people who questioned, or tried to get them to do something from their land to avoid DMCA reports, or abuse reports to Linden Lab.

They do not own the land either, they are renting it from a guy named Jameston Gabardini in SL.

" GOR is a great Place, I love it and always will, but I hate the abuse that Smiggles Decuir, and all her sister alliances, and groups drag people into, I hate what they involved me in with their alliance back in 09 with Allies OF Lush where they all stole many things from creators I knew and shop with, I will never forget, or forgive such actions until they do what is right and stop supporting such."

" Their Sim's appear to be 100% Legit now, but their groups and sisters as well as their friends assoiciating with such are not, and while they are doing everything in their power to avoid loosing another simulator they have already been kicked from two, or three sims, as well as caused trouble for one of their EX.Sisters who tried to set them in the right path but they would not listen." "Anyways what im saying is that they make it look legit play legit when and where possible try to enjoy SL but really are contribute to illegal theft and sharing without consent in SL, and fact is that with todays theft you will never know who is doing it, but as I was a member of their group I can say for a fact that I know all about them their drama, how they work all that"

"Zammy Ziskey AKA owner of Talbot Isle supported Smiggles Decuir and her friends for quite awhile, they even banned a person I knew Goth without a reason simply for telling the admins about what was going on with her group, and ignored it also banning to avoid future abuse reports and DMCA's as well on theft or stolen goods on their sim, and made up lame excuses and stuff for the reason as of why, but fact is I know that Sheena797 Navarita has been on that island, and she herself Ocklewa Talunas, Hope Shim, Katwoman Yootz are all in the same groups as her and so they are using this simulator for illegal activities, and It has been flagged and made public for such again"

**Goth will always hate people who support illegal activities and bring harm to their friends and stuff including content devs on our grid. Smiggles Decuir will always deny her actions and parts in these alliances, as well as Zammy Ziskeys friends, alliances ETC. But we know the truth about them all and we will contnue to expose this until they follow the following.

Want your name off these lists as well which are posted monthly on many blogs?

1. Stop supporting illegal activities in any way, inspect other peoples groups, break all alliances that support or have any affiliation in any way with content theft.

2. Unban Goth from all sims, or Land which she has been accused of shi* without any reason.

((FYI Goth did not grief any of these simulators any time months ago, she is strictly against griefing, the person and their friends who griefed Talbot Isle, and Smiggles decuirs Estates was DarkMatter Steamer, or his friends, Goth Busted him big times with his threats, and he knew all about the posts Goth exposed back in 09 of these illegal activities and events so he and his friends registered false SL accounts under one of goths emails the only person who knew her RL Email  was Steven Munforth, and from there they must have given the email or something to them in which they griefed in Goths name to get her banned removed, and defame her all around SL the same people who work with many Copybot groups, including some of those in GOR with Smiggles Decuir, and many others and I am not even talking about Juggalette Bates, a 1704 day old account which copybot and stole many goods from residents which got banned then griefed Goth in their name to cause them many issues by Copying shit and sending it to creators in a notecard with Goths full name on it but they all contacted goth and found out it wasn't her doing it so obvious fail there.))

** Now you want to know why GOR has such a bad reputation and name, it is because of people like Smiggles Decuir, Hope Shim, Zammy Ziskey, Sheena797 Navarita, and anyone else supporting or even being remotely involved with these type of activities such as cheating, theft, or hacking.**

We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion, We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget, We Are The Face OF Chaos & The Harbingers OF Judgement. -Expect US-

Who these two people are I have no clue besides Jaraziah Lowell is a gorean hud creator on the same land as Smiggles Decuir.

Jaraziah Lowell
wicked Swashbuckler == Is the sim owner/renter of the estates smiggles decuir is on, and condones to such activities.==

** Please to all Role Players, Do not get yourself involved with such things around our Grid, Help keep our grid Clean & Peaceful**

Date: 2012-04-22 22:54:21 and last modified: 2012-04-22 22:54:21

  1. Second Life Copybot List.
  2. Meistroli Easterwood & Zammy Ziskey are supporting the Copybotting again on (Talbot Islue)
  3. They have partner up with another known copybotter named (sheena797 Navarita) who helped with hacking Alika Sao's GM system along with (Hope Shim) & Her Alternate Accounts (KatWoman Yootz).
  4. Smiggles Decuir, and all her tribes are even more than involved in theft again as well, both these sims where SMiggles Decuir Lives, and the one Meistroli Easterwood, as well as all their buddies are doing nothing but supporting theft on our grid still, and should all be removed by Linden Lab, as they are part of KingG00n, and his copybot army.
  5. Yes they are trying to make everything look legit but thats how they are, and how they play their copybot game, and they will get to everyone as good as they can with the fact they are all legit.
  6. IF you go to Talbot Isle, or any simulator where smiggles decuir is and they know you are filing an abuse report, or a DMCA they ban you from the sim/land really fast because they don't want you to file on Such
  7. In fact I have reported multiple abuse reports of boats that were stolen from friends being used on TalBot Isue, and simulators related to Smiggles Decuirs Tribe's alliances and friends from known copybots and all of the such connections.
  8. Goreans dont know what a Copybot is what a lie they love living their life in a freebie paradise cuz all they do is lie and lie more come back on more and more alts every time something goes wrong.
  11. http://pastebin.com/s6pdCVxL
    1.  Second Life Griefer Report...
    2. Jaraziah Lowell is living with Wicked Swashbuckler, and Smiggles Decuir on WBCC Islands... Smiggles Decuirs group aka Hope Shim, katwoman Yootz and her buddies were caught copybotting many gorean goods and uploading them to sites like kinggoon multiple times in the past, yet this person who creates the Gorean system has the nerve to live with such people WTF is with them..
    3. I don't care if my best friend chooses to do with evil copybotters, I will not stand to be near a frigging copybotter or live with one that is how well I support the creation of content, usually I never find myself near a botter, but if I do i leave to avoid having my stuff stolen like many goreans getting stolen by Smiggles Decuirs groups.
    4. http://tinypic.com/r/2qxltg2/5 Here is proof that Jaraziah Lowell is living and with known copybot groups in Second Life where they are commiting any crimes themselves is not likely based on what we know however being even affiliated with known groups of griefers doesn't make anyone look good.
    5. Smiggles Decuir, all her french gorean 4chan griefer groups and italian griefing copybotters need to be removed from the Second Life community. While all of smiggles friends and allies with side with smiggles on the issue, and her friends it is still people following in the footsteps of a griefer and should not be allowed.
    6. My friend who was in smiggles groups for months before smiggles caused so much drama and had her friends copybotting shit saw everything, and even spread the word about the GM hacks when it was hacked years ago because they were tired of all the shit being caused by this group of people. It wasn't hacked once but 3 times total, she didn't know much about it all but was seeing what was going on, and did what she thought was right.
    7.  Smiggles is a evil griefer.

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